This is your Kanvas

Each of us is unique in our own way, not one of us is the same. Besides our physiology and anatomy, our bodies are all very different. The texture of our skin, the freckles on our faces, the colouring in our eyes.

All different.

We may have a similar eye colour but none of us is the same. We do however all have one aspect in common, the pursuance for health!

Physical health, Emotional health, Mental/Intellectual health, Social health, Environmental health and Spiritual health.

Whatever kind of health you seek you are not alone in it. The euphoria and wellbeing we get when we feel "Healthy" reflects what we do in life. Nature has played a big part in our inner and outer health, elegantly designing foods to provide us with a complex rainbow of nutrients and thousands of additional compounds that may benefit our wellbeing.

With science and technology advancing so fast, we will one day live in a world where dietitians and doctors may be able to prescribe the perfect foods to enhance our health. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Today, doctors prescribe all sorts of chemicals to manage acute symptoms and some of these can become chronic. Chronic illness can often be prescribed with daily exercise and a good diet, but what about your skin?

Your skin is the first point of contact for all environmental factors, it’s the largest organ of our body, it’s our first line of defence. Our skin is our knight in shining armour.  Protecting our body against the elements of the world around us. This includes saving us from the loss of excess water through to balancing our core temperature and ensuring we do not get too hot or too cold.  Our skin drives life’s sensations from the angelic softness of a rose petal or the roughness of sandpaper against our skin. Our Skin is so magnificent that it produces our own Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D is imperative to our skin assisting in skin rejuvenation and aiding in the general repair of damaged tissue.

Looking after your skin isn’t for the sole purpose of appearance but our total overall health. Think of the skin covering your body texture like cardboard, your face is like paper and the skin around your eyes like soft tissue. All needing different levels and intensity of care. When it comes to natural beauty, utilising the earth’s natural remedies has given many a cosmetic like benefit.

Fats from plants, for example, can slow moisture loss from the smooth, rough and scaly skin.  Vitamins from mother nature such as Vitamin A helps to protect against damage from the sun’s rays. In saying this, what you put on your skin should be given as high a priority as what you eat for breakfast or how you choose to exercise.

Routine skin care is vital to a healthy lifestyle. Opening ourselves up to poor health can make us more vulnerable to disease which can lead to rashes, acne, wrinkles, and more prevalent skin problems. When your skin is unhealthy it sags and can appear thin and unwell.  Women and Men alike spend thousands of dollars that’s not completely necessary on their appearance every year. Taking simple steps towards a total holistic approach to our health by exercising your body, meditating for your mind, puzzles for your brain, doing what makes your heart sing for your soul, feeding your body the right fuel and giving your skin the best skin care you can will set you up for a longer and more fruitful life.

Confucius stated that everything has beauty but not everyone sees it, a concept that is so true. It’s not how you look but how you see that’s of most value.

How do you see yourself?

How do you see your Kanvas?

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