A Skin Care Routine for Everyone

Ever go to get into bed at night and realise you haven’t brushed your teeth and you get that feeling you won’t be able to sleep until you do? This is a feeling that comes from creating a habit. Habits are formed from routines. Some routines are instilled in us from our childhood and others we have developed over time ourselves.

Healthy routines come from a place of discipline and desire for self-care. These types of routines are essential to our total health and wellbeing. They bring structure, balance and a sense of self-love into our everyday life.

As children, we are set into a routine to give us a sense of ease, happiness and stability.  Routines help create important habits from brushing our teeth to exercising and a balanced diet. Skin routines are no different.

A great yet simple Skin Care Routine consists of the following;


Cleansers a first essential step for a skincare routine. Cleansing is done morning and night. Using a cleanser in the morning removes the build-up of oils that accumulate in your pores throughout the night. Cleansing at night, mainly before bed removes the excess makeup and dirt that gets stuck in your pores from your day.

To cleanse your face simply place a small circle of your cleanser that’s suitable for your skin type onto wet hands, the size of a 20c piece and gently rub onto your face in circular motions. I keep my cleanser on whilst I brush my teeth and then wash it off with a warm face washer.

For a refreshing gentle cleanse, I recommend Purified from the Rawkanvas selection at www.rawkanvas.com

Purifying Cleanser is packed with a cocktail of antioxidant-rich green tea, this herbaceous cleanser purifies and deeply cleanses to remove daily dirt and toxins, keeping your pores fresh and clean.

Want to add more to your routine use an exfoliator once a week instead of the cleanser to remove the additional dead skin from your face before moving onto the Toner.


Following for cleanser with a toner to ensure you remove all leftover dirt, oil and excess makeup that was missed from cleansing.  A toner leaves your skin feeling light and refreshed, giving you that feel you have following a facial from a beauty parlour, only with a quarter of the price tag.

By alleviating your skins workload, Toners restore balance to your natural PH levels. Using a small makeup removal tissue sprinkle the centre of the tissue with toner and wipe over face avoiding the eye area. I wait for a minute or so before applying moisturiser.

For a tender alcohol-free toner, I recommend Harmony from the Rawkanvas selection at www.rawkanvas.com

Harmony: Radiance Boosting Toner is bolstered with a mix of skin-resurfacing active ingredients, this alcohol-free toner is the ultimate post-cleanse step to smooth skin texture, boost radiance and keep breakouts at bay.

Want to add more to your routine, add a face mask once a week before adding your chosen moisturiser.


Moisturisers increase hydration within your skin, assisting your natural facial barrier whilst preventing impurities getting into your pores. You may not see the immediate benefits of moisturising; however, your face will thank you in time to come as it helps keep your skin smooth and wrinkle-free. Once your face is feeling clean and fresh from the Toner, squeeze moisturiser on your hand around the size of a 10c piece and rub into your face in upward circular motion.

For a revitalising day moisturiser, I recommend Sol from the Rawkanvas selection at www.rawkanvas.com

Sol: Hydrating Day Moisturiser is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, it promotes youthful skin, boosts radiance, reduces redness and revitalises skin with vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants.


Sunscreen shouldn’t only be applied in the morning after your Skincare routine. Sunscreen is an essential step in your daily routine for your face and body. Sunscreen aids in the defence of UV rays, even when the sun isn’t showing. Everyday use of sunscreen can also aid your moisturiser in the defence of wrinkles and most importantly reduce your risk of skin cancer.

For a lightweight and non-greasy 15+ sunscreen, I recommend Rodan and Fields Reverse Shield Brightening Lotion at https://www.rodanandfields.com.au/REVERSE/REVERSE-Products/REVERSE-Shield-Brightening-Lotion-SPF-15/p/RVSS050-02

This is a very simple routine for skin care which I recommend day and night to start with. There are many more steps you can add in to benefit your overall skin care regime. This includes facial masks, serums, eye creams, night creams and much more.  If you’re starting out I recommend following the above routine as a minimum and then stepping into a night cream which has differing elements to the daily moisturisers. Once you are comfortable with a skin care routine I suggest treating yourself to the Rawkanvas Refined clarifying detox mask. Your mind, body and skin will thank you for it.



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